10 free apps for the business traveller!

10 free apps for the business traveller!

Do you routinely travel abroad for business? Travelling abroad requires some preparation.

You need to plan your route, stay in touch with your colleagues while you travel and you will need to find hotels. You can also arrange these matters quite easily with the aid of apps.

Here, we have listed 10 apps that can be helpful to the business traveller. All of the apps listed are available for Android and iOS phones.


Perhaps you are travelling to a Dutch city that you do not know very well. Where can you park safely? Via the Yellowbrick app you can, among others, park in the street, park at Q-park, at P+R areas and at Schiphol airport.


You can stay in touch with you colleagues at all times with WhatsApp! WhatsApp is the best known service with which you can send messages and make calls.

Google maps

Worried that you may get lost on your way to a meeting? Use the navigation function of Google Maps. Just enter you destination and the app will point you in the right direction.


Have no time to answer your e-mails while on your business trip? Slack allows you to quickly and conveniently communicate with your colleagues. With this app, you can send real-time private and group messages. You can also share and send revised documents.


Still haven’t booked a hotel in the city you are travelling to? With the HotelTonight app, you can quickly find last-minute hotel offers. Hotels all over the world subscribe to this app.

Oanda Currency converter

While on your business travels, you may have to deal with other currencies. With the currency generator Oanda, you will be given insight into currency exchanges and be able to convert amounts easily. This is a very handy app for international travellers.


Always looking for a cheap flight? Hopper will tell you exactly when you should fly and where to buy the best ticket. The app tells you when the best ticket price for your flight will be available.


On your business trip, you will not want to be unpleasantly surprised by flight delays and cancellations. With the FilghtAware app, you will be given real-time info on all flights worldwide. Whenever news or an update comes in, you will receive a message. This way, you will never be surprised by an airline ever again.


Everyone knows Skype and it must therefore also be included on our list. Skype allows you to conveniently arrange video calls with your colleagues from remote locations. If you have to discuss something quickly, you also just call or chat via Skype.

Google Translate

During your business travels, you may travel to a country where you do not speak the language. Google translate can help you in this situation. This app translates whatever you want to say in over 100 different languages. 

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