6 Useful tips to de-ice your windscreen

6 Useful tips to de-ice your windscreen

Now that winter has finally come, there is no escaping scraping your car windows in the morning. A tedious job, especially when you did not take into account the time it consumes and you're in a hurry. The following tips will help you waste as little time as possible to de-ice the windows of your rental car.

1. Antifreeze spray for frozen doors and locks

Especially during very cold nights, it may happen that not only your windscreen is covered in an icy layer, but the car doors and locks are frozen as well, making it impossible to enter your rental car. With a special antifreeze spray, you can defrost your doors and locks with ease. When renting a car to drive to cold (skiing) areas, it may be wise to purchase antifreeze spray before leaving. Remember to keep the spray with you outside the car.

2. Keep an extra scraper outside the car

When driving your rental car to cold areas, it is a good idea to take along a spare scraper. In case your car door is stuck because of the ice, you can scrape your windshield while defrosting the doors with the aforementioned antifreeze spray. In addition, scrapers are prone to breaking when temperatures drop below -10 degrees Celsius (about 14 degrees Fahrenheit). Bringing a spare scraper can save you trouble in case this happens.

3. Windshield washer fluid with antifreeze

An icy layer on the windshield can be removed easily by using washer fluid with antifreeze while scraping. The fluid will melt the ice rapidly, making it easy to remove any leftover ice with a scraper. Antifreeze sprays made for windshields can be bought at most gas stations.

4. Never use (hot) water to remove ice

A common mistake is the use of (hot) water to thaw the ice faster. Warm water makes for a temperature difference that is too great for the window to handle. This may cause the windows of your rental car to burst. Even water at room temperature is not suitable, as the temperature difference is still too great. In addition, low temperature water may freeze to the window, giving you even more ice to scrape off.

5. Turn on the window heater

Unlike hot water, the window heater can be used safely when defrosting your windscreen and back window. The windows will warm gradually, rather than promptly which happens when using hot water. The ice will thaw, making scraping the ice easier.

6. Cover the windows of your car

Prevent ice from forming by covering the windows of your car with insulating material, before it starts freezing outside. You can use special antifreeze blankets for this, but a sleeping bag or even garbage bag usually does the job as well. Cover the windows as soon as you arrive at your destination and only remove them when you are leaving again. Especially when renting a car to drive to cold mountain areas, covering your windows will save you a lot of time every day.

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