A car holiday in the Netherlands? What will that cost?

A car holiday in the Netherlands? What will that cost?

The holiday period is fast approaching. Are you planning on taking a car holiday in the Netherlands? A wise choice, but how much will it actually cost to take a car holiday in the Netherlands and what will you need to remember? We’d like to help you get on your way!

With a holiday rental car in the Netherlands

Are you looking to relax on the beaches of Zeeland, perhaps planning to see Amsterdam or heading for the countryside? With a good car, there is so much to discover in the Netherlands! This country has excellent highways so travelling with a rental car is a sheer delight.

Whether you decide to drive or fly to your holiday destination, there will always be costs you must be aware of. Especially when renting a car, you must look out for hidden costs. To find out more about how to avoid hidden costs, please read here >

At BB&L Car Rental, we provide 100% all-in pricing so you will never be surprised by any hidden costs.

Renting a holiday car at BB&L Car Rental

We have suitable rental cars available for every type of holiday. Whether it be a small manual transmission car for a quick city trip or a large family car with automatic transmission. Our holiday cars come fully equipped, and you can count on us for all kinds of extras, including child seats. All of our rental cars come with a GPS system for Western Europe. 

4 Toll roads in the Netherlands

You will find many toll roads in countries like France and Portugal. Before you know it, all these tolls really add up.  In the Netherlands, every car owner pays a special tax for this which greatly reduces the number of toll roads. There are currently only 4 toll roads in the Netherlands.

  • A9: Wijker tunnel
  • A15: Noord tunnel
  • N62: Westerschelde tunnel
  • N217: Kil tunnel


Calculating your total travel costs

Besides the costs of your rental car and any possible toll costs, you must also take your fuel costs into account, of course. On the ANWB (The Royal Dutch Touring Club) website, you can conveniently plan your travel route and calculate your fuel expenses all at once.

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