Car trouble during holiday

Car trouble during holiday

Many people are still going by car to their holiday destination. This popular way of traveling gives you a lot of freedom, but also brings some risks with it. For example, what to do in case of breakdown?

Car trouble with your own car

You might not want to think about it, but car trouble can happen! Whether you get damage at home or abroad, the process remains the same. See below 6 steps that will help you in case your car breaks down:

  1. Put your car on the side of the road and put your hazard lights on. Make sure you do not obstruct the traffic;
  2. Put on your reflective vest or jacket to increase your visibility;
  3. Place your warning triangle approximately 50 meters behind the car. This way you can warn other road users;
  4. If you can fix the problem yourself, please contact the emergency center of your breakdown service. Pass on your location as specific as possible by using road numbers and mile markers;
  5. Always remain accessible by telephone for the panel;
  6. Once the problem is resolved, do not forget your warning triangle!

Car trouble with a BB&L car

Breakdown is already annoying enough, and we know that at BB&L Car Rental too. We have our rental cars therefore assured extra good standard. Therefore we have assured our cars assured extra well.

Our prices include insurance (MTPL, airframe, occupant-accident and theft insurance). In addition, we apply an extra layer Own Risk and you can make free use of the Breakdown service.

In case of breakdown with your car, you can use our 24/7 breakdown service throughout Western Europe. You can get in touch by phone 088 900 55 00 (Netherlands) or +31 88 900 55 00 (abroad).


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