Discover Holland by car with these spring routes

Discover Holland by car with these spring routes

Now that the weather is getting better we thought this was the perfect moment to highlight some wonderful spring routes in the Netherlands.

Over the last decades, the ANWB (the Royal Dutch Tourist Federation) planned a lot of classic car routes across the Netherlands and it's borderlands. In total there are 47 routes to enjoy, of which we picked our top three. With these routes in the navigation system of your rental car, you can discover the more unknown but gorgeous parts of the Netherlands.


The first route that is worth to mention is located in the far east of the Netherlands, namely in a region called the Achterhoek. You will drive through the countryside as well as more wooded areas. On your trip you will see lots of old farms, meadows and brooks.

This is a perfect route for people living in the city who want to explore more of the countryside. A rental car that provides navigation is  all that you need. On the website of the ANWB (Dutch) you can plan your route and put it into your navigation system. Of course you can also do it the old fashioned way with a road map!


The northern areas of the Netherlands also provide some great car routes with amazing scenery. A nice example is the Ommelandroute. Located in the province of Groningen, this route will lead you across vast open landscapes and lakes. These quiet areas also home lots bird species, which atrracts great amounts of bird fanciers. With your rental car you will drive through a unique Dutch landscape filled with windmills.


When we look at the more southern parts of the Netherlands, perhaps we find one of the most beautiful routes of the country. This route is called the Mergellandroute. It is located in the south of the province of Limburg, and the hilly landscape delivers sensational sights. You will drive through nature, wooded areas and steep slopes, but you will also see many old and picturesque old villages.

On top of that, you will also drive through the famous city of Maastricht. This will give you the opportunity to have a nice break at one of the many terraces, or you can go shopping in the well known shopping streets.

The nice thing about the Mergellandroute is that you don't need a navigation system in your rental car or a roadmap. Signposts next to the road will lead you the way!

So if you're planning to see more of the Netherlands, these routes will give you a nice starting point. Of course you can also pick one of the other 44 routes. Have fun driving!


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