Driving to the Alps to go skiing

Driving to the Alps to go skiing

Whereas the Netherlands have hardly had any snow so far, this is no problem in Austria, France, Germany and Italy. Like every winter, many millions of tourists have travelled to the Alps to go skiing. At BB&L car rental you can rent a winter-ready car to drive down to the skiing areas comfortably.

Preparation for colder areas


When you are going to rent a car to go skiing, there are a few things to watch out for. Whereas winter tyres are not mandatory in the Netherlands, they are in Germany and Austria during winter. When placing a reservation for a rental car, please specify that you would like the car to be equipped with winter tyres. With winter tyres, you can drive to cold areas safely and, moreover, will not be fined heavily.

In some areas, usually high up the mountains, driving with snow chains may be mandatory. Snow chains can be installed fairly easily on the spot. Areas where snow chains are mandatory can be recognized by blue road signs depicting snow chains. Rental cars are not normally provided with snow chains. For a single price of € 25,00, snow chains will be provided with the rental car.

Apart from essentials like winter tyres and snow chains, it may also be wise to bring a scraper and anti freeze fluid to make sure you can always get on your way safely.

Going skiing fully insured


At BB&L car rental, you will be well insured. Included in the price for your car rental is coverage for damage to the rental car, third party claims, theft of the rental vehicle and damage to passengers caused by an accident. Furthermore, coverage of the Breakdown Service is included in the rental price. The Breakdown Service provides 24-hour roadside assistance and, if necessary, a replacement vehicle throughout Western Europe. When driving in Spain and/or Italy, an additional € 50,00 insurance fee is required.

Although it is not needed to take out additional insurance for the rental car, it is wise to take out personal travel insurance. Travel insurance covers additional costs that may arise during your skiing trip. This includes theft of luggage at the hotel, but also the costs that arise when an ambulance is needed in case a skiing accident happens.


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