Driving&traffic signs: are you familiar with all of them?

Driving&traffic signs: are you familiar with all of them?

Traffic signs are ubiquitous on our roads today. Among others, they help us find our way and make us aware of something. And how is your traffic sign knowledge faring?

While visiting or making a road trip through the Netherlands, recognising common traffic signs should not pose any problems. Yet, there are also a number of traffic signs that are far less prevalent along our roads. Are you already familiar with the special warning signs below?

Pokémon Go traffic sign

Pokémon Go was the number one summer game for your cellular phone. It became clear very quickly that Pokémon hunters only had eyes for catching Pokémons. This created dangerous traffic situations.

A special traffic sign was even designed for the Nijmegen Four Day March. This sign was to prevent walkers, party-goers, drivers and Pokémon hunters from running into each other.

Traffic sign for seniors

England and Scotland were the forerunners with this traffic sign for seniors. Since recently, this sign can now be found in the Netherlands, too. It is a warning sign that alerts drivers to senior citizens crossing the road.

Many neighbourhoods with largely older populations are well-served by this new traffic sign.

Warning sign for toads

During the spring season, toads everywhere decide to venture into wide world. Unfortunately, many frogs and toads are run over by cars in this period. That is why a traffic sign for toad and frog migration has been developed.  This official warning sign warns drivers about migrating toads so that they will know to slow down and proceed with caution.

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