Get your car ready for autumn!

Get your car ready for autumn!

Autumn maybe beautiful and full of colour but it is also known for its storms. Wind and rain can greatly affect traffic which is why it is important to be well prepared before you go on the road. What should you do to prepare for autumn?

Poor visibility in autumn

During the autumn, it gets dark sooner as the clock is moved back one hour. This could result in diminished visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

To avoid accidents when driving in the dark, we offer the following tips:

  • Make sure to use the appropriate lighting: Do not use your high beam lighting as this will blind all oncoming traffic
  • Low sun: A low sun may also cause dangerous situations in autumn. Remember to always keep a good pair of sunglasses in your car
  • Have your lighting checked regularly at a garage
  • Good visibility during rain storms: Rain and autumn go hand in hand which is why good windscreen wipers are essential. If your wipers feel dry or cause stripes, it's time to replace them!

A better grip on the road during autumn

Good car tyres give you a better grip on the road surface. This is extremely important in preventing car accidents from happening.

The most important and best preparation for the coming winter is to replace your regular tyres with snow tyres. Snow tyres provide more grip and reduce your chances of slipping out of control while cornering.
If you have decided to wait with putting on snow tyres, at least be sure to have the profile of your tyres checked for a better road-holding and a shorter braking distance.

Snow tyres at BB&L Car Rental

If you rent a car from BB&L Car Rental, you can also request to reserve snow tyres. Your request will be handled immediately.

Please click here for more information about reserving snow tyres with BB&L Car Rental >

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