How you can avoid hidden costs when renting a car!

How you can avoid hidden costs when renting a car!

The situation is familiar: you need a rental car and you are searching for a suitable option. It appears as though you have found a good deal but, in fact, this is not at all the case. When you pay the final bill, costs have been added which you were not aware of.

The hidden costs involved in renting a car can really turn this into a negative experience. That is why we would like to provide you with a few tips to help you avoid hidden costs.

Buy off or lower your 'own risk' deductible

Most car rental agencies use as standard an 'own risk' deductible to cover damage or in case of theft of the rental car. It can be quite useful to gain insight into the amount of the 'own risk' deductible beforehand. This way, you will know what amount you are liable for in case of damage.

If you feel that your 'own risk' deductible is too high, it is possible at some car rental agencies to buy off or lower the 'own risk' deductible. This is usually done by way of a premium which you must conclude prior to the rental.

Possible surcharges with rental cars

What is and what is not included in the rental price? This may be difficult to estimate when you reserve a car, but it is definitely worth looking into. Possible added surcharges could include a 2nd driver surcharge or an airport surcharge.

The final price is often much cheaper without all the extras. The total costs of all the surcharges are sometimes even more expensive than the car rental itself. It is best to rent a car with all-in prices. This way, you will know exactly what you will be paying.

Extra kilometres driven

It is also handy to know beforehand when renting a car exactly how many kilometres you are allowed to drive. If you are not allowed to drive an unlimited number of kilometres, you will be charged for each extra kilometre you drive. Always ask your car rental agent which kilometre package you have and what you will be paying for each extra kilometre driven.

Will you be driving many more kilometres than what you paid for? This will cost you considerably.

All-in rates at BB&L Auto Rental

Are you renting a car from BB&L Auto Rental? Then you will not have to worry about hidden costs. This is because we use all-in rates. The following are all included:

  • Unlimited kilometres
  • GPS for Western Europe
  • WA (third party liability) and Casco insurance for Western Europe
  • Theft insurance
  • Passenger-accident insurance
  • Local taxes (VAT)
  • Maximum 'own risk' deductible of €50 or €125 (depending on the type of vehicle)
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