In Holland during the summer? Make sure you rent a car!

In Holland during the summer? Make sure you rent a car!

If you go abroad for more than a couple of weeks, you don't want to follow a set program by any tour guide. You want to be able to make your own plans and to go exploring. So if you're staying in the Netherlands for a longer period of time, renting a car is a great idea. It'll give you just the kind of autonomy you're looking for: to hit the road and go wherever you wish, just like you'd do at home. When you rent a car at BB&L Car Rental, that's exactly the freedom you get. And did I mention that our rentals are very affordable as well?

The freedom to go wherever you like

With a rental car you're free to make your own plans. Spend a day at the beach, go hiking, stop by an acquaintance, or enjoy a good night out: you can go anywhere you like. And BB&L makes renting a car easier than ever. When you rent a car with BB&L, it will be waiting for you right in front of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport the moment you arrive. You get the keys from one of our employees and you just hop in. No waiting in line at counters or searching for shuttle buses - no hassle whatsoever. Just the car where you need it. And when you leave again, you just as easily leave the car in front of the departure halls.

Rental cars with at the best all-in tariffs

A stress free airport valet service that is also very reasonably priced? Sure thing! Our car rental rates are all-inclusive. And with BB&L Car Rental we really mean all-in when we say it. So no additional insurances in fine print or extra charges for using a credit card and no surprises. Free mileage, a navigation system for Western Europe, insurances as well as taxes are included. This way you drive your own car from € 24, - a day – plus gasoline. Sounds good? Check our wide range of rental cars to choose from and find your ideal car for the summer!

Rented a car? Now all you need is a nice hotel

Looking for a place to stay? In the vicinity of Schiphol there's all kinds of hotels in different price ranges, and we gladly deliver your car to the door. Your hotel is the ideal base for visiting friends and family, or to carry out any other plans you have. Feel like booking already?

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