People often forget to make sure they have these items in their rental car

People often forget to make sure they have these items in their rental car

Renting a car. Who hasn’t rented a car at some point? Whether it be here in the Netherlands or somewhere else. It gives a great feeling of freedom. It’s such a logical choice, certainly when abroad, where public transport may not always be optimal. By renting a car, you will no longer need to rely on public transport.

Make sure you have all the safety equipment when you go on the road

When you’re on the road, drivers need to comply with certain safety requirements. The requirements are binding. That is why you must always try to adhere to local safety requirements.
This concerns, for example, making sure you have an orange warning triangle and safety vests for when you unexpectedly encounter car trouble on the road. These requirements vary from country to country. In France, for example, you are not allowed to place a warning triangle along the motorway. There, they feel these are hazardous. The binding advice there is to step out of the car on the passenger side and wait behind guard rail.

Still, always be sure to have a warning triangle and safety vest with you. This is very important for your safety. Not having them, could result in (high) penalties.

Other countries also require you to have a first aid kit and reserve lights. In Turkey, it is even required to have a fire extinguisher in your car. So be sure you are familiar with all the requirements that apply in the country you visit.

A navigation system is indispensable when driving abroad

A very important item in every rental car is the navigation system. This makes sense because you will not know your way around in a foreign country. The navigation system will guide you through unchartered terrain. You can, of course, still use maps to check your route. But these maps are often quite big and unhandy. Not very practical when driving. When renting a car, you can always add extras to your rental package deal.

In short, you may not think to have a warning triangle with you when you’re driving at home. But when you’re planning on renting a car (at, for example, Eindhoven Airport) in order to drive to other countries in Europe, you must have it with you. For your safety, of course, but also to avoid fines.

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