Renting a car with credit card

Renting a car with credit card

When you hire a car, a credit card is almost always required. Many consumers see this as an obstacle, which makes sense because you authorize the car rental company to collect an yet undetermined amount.
In our blog we explain which guarantees the credit card and how we work at BB&L car rental.

Credit cards and car rental

Most of the car rental companies ask for you credit card information when renting a car. In addition to the payment of rental fees, the credit card guarantee deposit, Own Risk and any damage and traffic fines.

Many car renters experience the use of a credit card unpleasant when renting a car. Therefore it is important to have any insight in the amount the car rental company reserves on the credit card, before renting the car. This is something you can contact the relevant car rental company about.

Why a credit card and no debit card or cash?

The deposit can often not be met by a debit card through the many administrative tasks that come with it. With a credit card payment a reservation can be made, without a money amount is debited form the card. With a normal debit card payment this isn´t possible.
The fact that the deposit can´t be paid in cash has to do with security. The deposit can be up to hundreds or even thousands of euros. It´s not save to have this cash at a branch or location.

Using a credit card at BB&L car rental

At BB&L we work with all-inclusive rates whereby our customers know exactly where they stand. You pay nó deposit and we charge an Own Risk of € 50 up to € 125 per claim. The amount of the Own Risk depends on your chosen car class.

On our website you can request a car by us. During the reservation process we show the all-in price for the rental length and category. Before using the car we note your credit card information and only áfter returning the rental car, the total amount will be debited from your credit card.


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