Start the spring brine free!

Start the spring brine free!

Last Sunday the spring officially launched in the Netherlands. In many parts of the country this was last week already noticeable with high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Although the winter in our country was relatively mild this year, the last few months there has been a lot of snow in other parts of Europe. Many people have unexpectedly gone away for a week to look for winter fun. Even more easy in this case is to rent a car for winter sport, which is fully ready to brave the winter weather.

When the winter is past, it's always wise to have a car making a small inspection. At BB&L, we of course always ensure that each car is properly inspected and is ready for the new season.

Many people often think only of replacing winter tires to summer tires when spring has come again. However, there is another important point where a car must be closely monitored after the winter, namely brine.

The nightmare of every car

Brine is water with a large amount of salt. In the winter the roads are often sprinkled with salt to prevent slipping hazard, and therefore serious accidents. However, often this salt mixes with the snow lying on the road, resulting in brine.

Brine is the nightmare of every car. It is aggressive stuff that metal and even plastic parts severely damages. Visible damage to the car is for example the coating which is corroded. Damage which is not directly visible to the eye, is the brine that remains at the bottom of the car, and since these will corrode metal parts. Obviously it is important for the good performance of a car that the brine is removed.

Remove brine the right way

How do you remove brine? Fortunately this is fairly simple, namely by simply wash the car well. It's important to pay attention at several points. It isn't wise to wash the car with hot water. Hot water causes the salt in brine dissolves, what is even more harmful to metal.

In order to prevent this, at BB&L each car is cleaned with cold water before it is washed thoroughly. Also extra attention is paid at the underside of the car, so it's cleaned properly.

At BB&L we thus ensure that each car is brine free, but the tips above are also very useful for your own car. So take your advantage and make your car spring weather-proof!

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