Sustainable driving starts with you

Sustainable driving starts with you

There’s ways to make your driving more sustainable, cleaner and economical. There’s cleaner cars coming onto the market every day, so you could consider buying a new one. But you can also adjust your driving habits, you could also carpool or occasionally rent a car.

Opting for a clean, economical car

Everyone wants a clean, fuel-efficient car. But the most economical car in its class is not necessarily the 'cleanest' and vice versa. And car manufacturers can be somewhat optimistic about their car’s fuel use. A rule of fist: the more a car combusts, the more CO2 it will emit. So in stead of looking at the fuel use when comparing cars, you can also use the CO2 emission as a guide.

Adopting a more economical driving style

By adjusting your driving style, you can easily save 10% on your fuel costs, ánd spare the environment. Simple interventions have big effects. For example, make sure your tire pressure is in check: driving with the correct tire pressure saves fuel and increases safety. More tips to drive more sustainable:

  • Switch to a higher gear at lower speeds (between 2000 and 2500 rpm).
  • If possible, drive at a steady speed in the highest gear, for which the engine still runs smoothly.
  • Look as far ahead as possible and anticipate to changes in traffic.
  • Keep your distance. To stop for a traffic light, lift de gas pedal, and let the car roll out into gear.
  • Observe the speed limit.
  • Short stop? Turn off the engine.
  • Avoid wasting energy on unnecessary use of electrical appliances such as air conditioning and your rear window defogger.

Renting cars, carpooling & car dating

When you drive less than 12,000 km per year, you’re usually better off with (a subscription to) car sharing. Renting can also be an economical alternative to driving your own car. Also, you could opt for a fuel-efficient small car for everyday use, or a large rental car for trips and vacations. By renting your car, or by carpooling or car dating, you are much more aware of your car use. Plus cars from rental companies are also newer than the average car. Therefore, they are usually cheaper and cleaner.

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