Tips for rental car hire from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and a cheap flight ticket!

Tips for rental car hire from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and a cheap flight ticket!

The holiday period is almost here again! Time to visit you friends and relatives in the Netherlands. Every traveller is faced with the challenge of finding a good deal on a rental car and a plane ticket. We would like to provide some tips on finding good deals this summer!

#1 Compare different airports/cities

Cities and countries often have various airports. In the Netherlands, there are three main airports: Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport. That is why it is wise to consider several different airports and cities before you travel. It could save you lots of money.

#2 Fly cheaper with a stopover

Even though having a stopover is not always ideal, it could save you money. Some stopovers are so short, they are definitely worth considering. So, don't set your search filter on 'non-stop flights' because you might miss out on cheaper flights with a stopover.

#3 Delete you browser history before you book a plane ticket

Many websites that offer plane tickets will keep track of your preferences by way of cookies. These cookies may influence the price of tickets that you are shown. By deleting your browser history beforehand, you can avoid filtered (high) prices.

#4 Find cheap rental cars at all of the Dutch airports here

At first glance, a rental car may seem affordable, but later you may find the prices listed are not all-inclusive. The actual price you ultimately end up paying is much higher that you originally thought.
At BB&L car rental, you don't need to worry about hidden costs. All of our prices are all-inclusive. And with us, all-in really means all-in. This is what you can expect from us:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • GPS for all of Western Europe
  • Third party and Casco insurance for Western Europe
  • Theft insurance
  • Passenger-accident insurance
  • Local taxes (VAT)
  • Maximum Own Risk Insurance of €50 or €125 (depending on the type of car)
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