Why drive a hybrid rental car?

Why drive a hybrid rental car?

The decision whether or not to drive a hybrid car is usually made when you purchase a new (lease) car. These days, you can also choose eco-friendly options when renting a car. Most car rental agents have included eco-friendly vehicles in their standard fleet.

Advantages of a hybrid rental car

A hybrid or eco-friendly car emits less CO2. Thanks to a reduced emission of harmful substances, the hybrid car makes a positive contribution to the environment and the climate.

But there are more advantages to driving a hybrid car, such as your contribution to a green and environmentally-friendly image and lower fuel costs. By charging your motor you will need to fuel up less often and that saves money.

Disadvantages to driving a hybrid rental car

Driving a hybrid rental car does have some disadvantages too, of course. Namely, you can only drive a limited number of electric kilometres. As soon as the battery runs out, the car will continue to run on gasoline. That's why it's always a good idea to fully charge your car before driving. This way, you can drive the maximum number of kilometres.

Another disadvantage is that it's not possible to charge a hybrid car everywhere.
Also, an electric motor makes very little noise and this creates a safety issue. Other road users often don't hear the car approaching.

Eco-friendly cars with Eco label at BB&L Car Rental

BB&L Car Rental offers a wide range of eco-friendly vehicles. You will recognise the cars by the Eco label's green leaf throughout the fleet.

Our Eco label cars include both hybrids, such as the Toyota Hybrid, and the energy-efficient models, such as the Ford Focus and the Renault Clio.

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