BB&L Car Rental – Car brands available for rent


BB&L Car Rental offers a varied and well maintained fleet of vehicles. The categories that we offer include the following brands.


Have you always wanted to drive a stylish Renault? Rent your Renault at BB&L Car Rental. We offer various models for a very competitive price.


Do you enjoy driving a Hyundai? There will always be a suitable Hyundai waiting for you at BB&L Car Rental.


Rent your favourite Ford at BB&L Car Rental! You can choose from a nice range of Ford models!


Rent an Opel at BB&L Car Rental for a short or longer period of time. You can choose from a nice range of Opel models.


Reliability and comfort are Volvo's core values. A great rental car to be seen in. So why not request your desired Volvo model at BB&L Car Rental?


Rent a reliable car of great German quality at BB&L Car Rental. We have included various Volkswagen models in our fleet of vehicles including a Volkswagen Sportsvan.


BB&L Car Rental is the right place to go if you want to rent or lease a Nissan. We can offer you an interesting selection of Nissan models.


Have you always wanted to rent a reliable and solid car? Go for a Toyota. Select a Toyota that appeals to you and put in a request online.