Cancelling reservations

Due to unforeseen circumstances it may happen that you have to cancel your car rental reservation. At BB&L car rental you can cancel a reservation without any additional costs. Also, any changes can be made upon request without any additional charge.


Renting a car at BB&L car rental, you will receive the car immediately after landing at Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam Airport or Eindhoven Airport. This means that you are dependent on your plane to be on time in order to be able to receive your rental car at the correct time. It may happen that a flight is delayed and thus lands later. There is no need to cancel your reservation for this reason. Provided BB&L car rental are aware of your flight number, we will take into account any possible delays and will ensure your car will be ready at the right time.

In case you have an unexpected transfer at another airport and therefore arrive at your destination later, it is appreciated if you let us know by phone or email.

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No need to cancel in case of changes

Not only cancellations, but also changes to your reservation can be made without any additional costs. If for example you wish to rent a manual car instead of an automatic transmission car, this is no problem. Just contact us and we will make any changes necessary. It is not necessary to cancel your reservation just to change the type of car you want to hire. If you opt for a smaller car, we will pay you the difference in daily rate back. If you opt for a larger car, you will only have to pay the difference in daily rate extra.

In case you have to leave the country via Schiphol Airport for a day, you can return the rental car for the day. It is not necessary to cancel the rental period and start a new one when you return. Also, by handing in the car for a day, you save money on parking costs at Schiphol Airport.