Car hire insurance

All rental rates mentioned on the website include all necessary insurances. With a BB&L rental car, you can be sure you hit the road fully insured. Not only are you insured for damage caused to third parties, also damage to the own vehicle, passengers and theft is covered.

Insurance for car hire at BB&L car rental

When renting a car at BB&L car rental, is it not necessary to get any additional insurances. For driving through Spain and/or Italy, a one-time insurance fee of € 50,00 has to be paid. In the mentioned rental rates, contributions for the following insurances have been fully included:

- liability insurance (damage to third parties)
- CDW insurance (damage to the rental car)
- TP insurance (theft of the rental car)
- PAI insurance (insurance for all passengers)
- Breakdown service (24 hour a day technical support and replacement vehicle)

With these insurances you are covered for all possible types of damage that can occur during the rental period. This way, you can always feel safe on the road with a BB&L rental car.

Rent a fully insured car

Different types of car hire insurances

Liability insurance: The liability insurance is a compulsory insurance for any owner or driver of a motor vehicle. A liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties by use of the vehicle, in this case the rental car.

CDW insurance: CDW stands for Collision Damage Waiver. The CDW insurance covers damage to the rental car itself. An important condition is that the damage has not been caused deliberately and no third party is liable for the caused damage.

TP insurance: TP stands for Theft Protection. The TP insurance covers theft of the rental car. Items inside the vehicle are not covered by the TP insurance. These are covered by a regular travel insurance.

PAI insurance: PAI stands for Personal Accident Insurance. The PAI insurance covers any (physical) damage to passengers of the rental car. As with the CDW insurance, this insurance only covers damage not caused by a third party.

Deductible car hire insurance

The deductible for the various car hire insurances depends on the car type rented. For rental cars in category A and B the deductible is only € 50,00. For rental cars in other categories the deductible is € 125,00. This deductible only needs to be paid when no third party is liable for the damage. This means that when you cannot be held liable for damage, you do not have to pay anything. Read more on the page deductible.