Changing rental period

Due to unforeseen events it may be necessary to adjust the rental period. No additional charges are made when making a change to the rental period. You can drop off a rental car earlier, but if possible also rent it for a longer period of time.

Shorter rental period

If you need the rental car for a shorter amount of time than expected, it is no problem to return the car earlier. The costs for any remaining days will be fully refunded by BB&L car rental. Changes to the reservation can also be made before the rental period starts. Please contact us.

In case you have to leave the country via Schiphol for a day, you can return the rental car to us for the day. Upon returning, your car will be ready for you. This will save you both time and parking costs.

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Extending the rental period

If you happen to need the rental car for a longer period than expected, it is possible to extend the rental period in most cases. Please try to let us know well before the end of the rental period. This way you have the best chances that the car has not been reserved for another customer yet. It may be necessary to change cars after the initial rental period ends. You will always receive a car equivalent to your previous car. If you are unsure how much more days you need to rent the car, it is also possible to rent the car indefinitely.