Deductible car hire insurances

The mentioned rental rates on this website always include all needed insurances to drive safely. Sometimes, the deductible has to be paid when damage was caused to the vehicle or its passengers. Depending on the type of rental car, the deductible is € 50,00 up to a maximum of just € 125,00.

Car hire insurance deductible

Four insurances are included in the rental car rates: the liability insurance, the TP insurance (theft of vehicle), the CWD insurance (damage to vehicle) and PAI insurance (damage to passengers). More can be read about these insurances on this page.

For all mentioned insurances the same deductible applies. The amount of the deductible depends on the type of rental car. For cars in category A and B a deductible of € 50,00 per event applies. For rental cars in all other categories a deductible of € 125,00 per event applies. It is not possible to rent a car without a deductible.

Rent a car with a low deductible

Damage and deductible for rental cars

If a third party is liable for the damage caused to the rental car, you or your passengers, you do not need to pay anything. In other scenarios the deductible has to be paid. Situations in which the deductible has to be paid include:

  • Damage to windows
  • Tyre repairs
  • Theft of rental car
  • Vandalism
  • Loss of registration papers
  • Scratches

Document all damage as accurately as possible, as this may help you and us to settle the case swiftly.

Exceptions to deductible rental car

The car hire insurance does not cover costs arising from mis-fueling or loss of the car key. These costs have to be paid fully by the renter. Additionally, damage caused deliberately is not covered and must be paid fully. For more information concerning the car insurances and its conditions, please get in touch with us using the contact page.