Many Dutch companies utilise the expertise of foreign employees. Some do this remotely, but many companies also opt to bring this expertise to the Netherlands. Foreign employees who (temporarily) come to the Netherlands to live and work are referred to as expats. When expats come to work here, there is much to arrange. They will require housing, possibly a lease car, and the pick-up of the expat at the airport must also be arranged.

Airport/Expat service

It is always nice for expats when someone from the company can pick them up, but this is not always possible. Some arrive on early morning flights or deep in the night. Because it of this, BB&L has launched a special ‘gate service’ so that expats can receive a warm welcome at the airport. The expats will be welcomed in person at the gate by a BB&L Car Rental employee. Expats will no longer have to search among all the various car rental desks and experience an impersonal arrival. With us, they will be welcomed at the gate and be given personal attention.

And, when it concerns a business relation who is only staying for a short period during which he or she will be using the rental car from beginning to end, it may also be a nice touch to utilise our departure service as well. This way, the expat can just park the car at the designated departure hall and a BB&L employee will take over the rental car return process from there. Expats only have to walk a few meters from their rental car to the departure hall!

Alternative transport in the Netherlands

Many companies arrange lease cars for their expats, but these are often delivered late or other circumstances arise whereby the expat is left without a mode of transport. Rental cars can offer the perfect solution for alternative transport when this occurs. Thanks to our super low all-in rate from €25,- per day, this is a highly attractive option for in the meantime. Certainly when an expat has to be at various locations and public transport is either too expensive or unpractical.

Available at all airports in the Netherlands

In addition to Schiphol Airport, the airport/expat service is also available at Eindhoven Airport.

You can read more about this unique BB&L service here: Airport Service


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