How to choose the right rental car

You need to rent a car, but which rental car suits you best? It really depends on what you need to rent a car for and how much you want to spend. There are a number of aspects that you need to take into account so that deciding on a rental car will be easier.

What do you need the car for?

In order to decide which rental car is best for you, it might be handy to ask yourself these questions. Why am I renting a car? What activities do I plan to do with the car? And with how many people? Based on the answers to these questions, you can already cross off certain types of cars from the list.

For example: you work abroad and are coming to the Netherlands with your family on holiday. You will need a spacious car with a child seat and lots of baggage room. The smaller class of car will be less suitable.

The occasion that you are renting a car for has an influence on the number of kilometres you will drive. With some car rental agencies, only a limited number of kilometres is included in the rental price. What often applies is the shorter the rental period, the fewer number of free kilometres. When more kilometres need to be driven, a surcharge will be added. Read more about hidden rental car costs here.

What should I look out for when choosing the class of car?

Ultimately, you will arrive at a shortlist with x number of categories. You must then choose with what kind of transmission you wish to drive and if you prefer petrol or diesel.

The choice between petrol and diesel will not greatly influence the rental price of the car. The choice of transmission does. Vehicles with an automatic transmission are more expensive than manual shift cars.

Which categories are available at BB&L Car Rental?

At BB&L Car Rental, you can choose from a vast range of cars. From small to large cars, manual shift to automatic transmission, we have them all. And don’t forget, with us, you always have unlimited kilometres!


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