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How to handle road works

Road works tend to affect the traffic situation for drivers. If you are not prepared for these situations, this could cause a considerable amount of irritation. You will almost always be delayed by the traffic jams and detours that accompany road works. That is why you need to be prepared in advance for traffic congestion. With this blog, we would like to help you deal with road works.

When and where are road works planned?

The Public Works and Water Management attempts to carry out road works at night, in the weekends and during the holidays in order to inconvenience drivers as little as possible. The regional road authorities determine which roads will be (temporarily) closed for maintenance and which roads users can use instead.

Please note! Adjusted maximum speeds

Due to the changed traffic situation, the Public Works and Water Management department will adjust the maximum speeds allowed so that the road workers can carry out their work. This is not only for the safety of the road workers concerned, but also to ensure a safe traffic situation for road users.  Keep an eye on the road signs which will indicate the reduced speeds that apply in certain areas.

Be prepared on the road

Make sure you are well-informed before you hit the road. Fortunately these days, there are all kinds of apps and websites which provide up-to-date information about traffic congestion and obstructed traffic. On the website, you can find more information about road works, road obstruction and traffic hinderence. The Dutch ANWB is also a good source of information. Their app, the “ANWB Onderweg app”, will always have the most recent information which you can access with your smartphone. These handy tools will tell you how you can best travel from A to B. And, if you want to know if the roads are going to be busy, it might be wise to leave a little earlier and check the traffic conditions via these sites and apps before you start driving.



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