These are the most important traffic regulations in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an easy country to drive through by car. The road system is good, the distances are feasible and clear traffic regulations apply. These traffic regulations in the Netherlands may vary from other countries, however. We have summarised a number of important items for you so that you are well-prepared before you hit the road.

Driver’s licence B for driving passenger cars up to 3.500 kg.

In the Netherlands, you are authorised to drive a car that weighs up to 3.500 kg with driver’s licence B. You can apply for a driver’s licence B starting from the age of eighteen and if you possess the theoretical certificate and have passed the driver’s exam successfully.

Do you have a foreign licence and would you like to drive a car in the Netherlands? Whether or not this is allowed depends on the duration of your stay and which country you have your driver’s licence from. For short stays up to six months you do not need to convert your current licence to a Dutch driver’s licence.

Maximum speed for passenger cars

On most highways in the Netherlands, the maximum speed of 130 kilometres per hour applies. The maximum speed could be lower when it endangers traffic safety in, for example, sharp turns or short exits. The speed you are allowed to drive will be indicated on signs along or above the road.

Mandatory seat belts in the Netherlands

The rules concerning the transport of people in passenger cars have been tightened these last years. A passenger may only be transported in an approved place to sit that has a seat belt. In the Netherlands, it is required to wear a seat belt. The number of approved places to sit in a car has been noted in the car’s registration certificate.

Transport of children

The rules that apply for the transport of children may vary from those that apply to the transport of adults. Children under 1.35m in height must be seated in a fitting children’s safety system/children’s seat. Children from 1.35m in length must wear a seat belt just like adults.


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