Travel advisory in Europe: Can I go on vacation in the Netherlands during the coronavirus period?

Air traffic has ground to a halt for quite a few months. Due to the coronavirus, traveling by airplane was impossible for a long time. This has had (major) consequences for all of us. What is the current travel advisory in Europe, which rules apply to international travel and can you fly to the Netherlands again? As a car rental company at Schiphol that is always willing to take the extra step, we do not want you to miss this news.

Coronavirus update with regard to the entry ban in Europe

From 15 June, travel between various countries within Europe will be allowed again. This is the official travel advisory that was released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Travel is still subject to several restrictions, however. The travel advisory in Europe/Schengen Area has been changed from orange (vacation travel is discouraged) to yellow (vacation travel is possible, mind the risks). This is good news for business travelers and everyone itching to visit relatives in the Netherlands. That is, if you live in one of the countries that are opening their borders again on June 15. More and more countries are considering lifting the restrictions for Dutch tourists, meaning air traffic to and from the Netherlands is slowly starting up again. Click here to see which countries are opening their borders. Air travel between countries with code yellow no longer results in quarantine upon return.

International travel

Outside of the Schengen Area, many countries still have code yellow. The travel restrictions currently still apply if you are traveling to the EU (including the Netherlands), the Schengen Area or the United Kingdom from one of these countries. There are various exceptions to this. Read more about this measure. If you live in a country outside of the Schengen Area, you will have to wait for the official notification before you can travel to the Netherlands.

Cleaning cars

If you rent a car from BB&L Autoverhuur, you can be sure your rental car was thoroughly cleaned in advance. We make sure the coronavirus does not hitch a ride with you. For example, we take the following additional measures when it comes to cleaning our rental cars:

  • Upon arrival, your rental car is immediately cleaned and ventilated in accordance with our standard procedure.
  • While cleaning your car, we disinfect all contact surfaces, such as the seatbelt, door handles, wheel, gearshift, handbrake, dashboard etc. with a disinfectant. Additional items such as child seats, hand trucks, etc. are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant spray.
  • Your rental car is then parked for you and cleaned with a disinfectant. As soon as this is done, we do not touch your rental car anymore.
  • Our employees wear disposable gloves during the cleaning process and while driving your rental car.
  • The car key is cleaned with a disinfectant and handed to you in a closed envelope, unless you are the driver of this rental car.


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