The 5 most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands

If you would like to get some sun on the beach, but would rather avoid the overcrowded beaches of Scheveningen and the jam-packed terraces of Amsterdam, we can recommend these five beautiful beaches.

  • Bloemendaal aan Zee

The beach at Bloemendaal aan Zee is surrounded by De Kennemer Dunes. One of the most popular beach pavillions is called Bloomingdale. Here, you can lounge all day and enjoy the sun. If you like to surf, Bloemendaal is one of the best beaches for surfing in the Netherlands. Also if you are looking to enjoy the nightlife after a hard day at the beach, Bloemendaal has it all. Bloemendaal is known for its beach parties.

Beach pavillion: Bloomingdale
Address: Zeeweg 94, 2051 EB Overveen

  • Domburg, Zeeland

Domburg is a small but nice village with a gorgeous and highly photogenic beach. As you walk to the beach you will see over rows and rows of colourful little beach huts. Domburg beach, together with Westkapelle, comprise two of the most serene beaches in the country. You will enjoy that holiday feeling as you stroll past the countless little beach stands.

Beach pavillion: Paviljoen Strand 90
Address: Strand Domburg 90, 4357 ZG Domburg

  • Westkapelle, Zeeland

Westkapelle is a tiny village that is distinguished by the traditional orange roof tiles. As you bicycle or walk over the dike, you will also notice that the houses are actually far below sea level, which creates a stunning view. At the foot of the dunes, you will find a 12 kilometre-long beach that runs all the way to Vlissingen. Via the north-side of Westkapelle you can easily walk to the other beautiful beach in Zeeland, Domburg beach.

Beach pavillion: Scheldezicht
Address: Joossesweg 1, 4361 KB Westkapelle

  • Oostkapelle, Zeeland

Are you fed up with seeing all that plastic waste on the beach? Then you should visit Oostkapelle, the cleanest beach in the Netherlands. Besides being the cleanest beach, Oostkapelle is also very quaint. Just like Domburg, it also has cute colourful beach huts dotting the shore line. The huts and the groynes all feature lovely pastel colours.

Beach pavillion: Zeecafé
Address: Strand Oostkapelle 80, 4356 XZ Oostkapelle

  • Bergen aan Zee

Bergen aan Zee really has it all, a broad beach, high dunes, a lovely little village with boutiques, great terraces, cafes and cosy restaurants. Bergen aan Zee is renowned for its endless bicycling paths, so be sure to bring your bike. At the top of the dunes, you will have an awesome view over the North Sea and there are plenty of little stands and cafes to have a drink and rest as you cycle.

Beach pavilion: Strandpaviljoen De Jongens 
Address: C.F. Zeiler Boulevard, 1865 BB Bergen aan Zee


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