7 tips for a weekend car trip in the Netherlands

Put your bermuda shorts, beach balls and sleeping bags in the trunk! And don’t forget your sunscreen – nor your umbrella… The holiday season has begun and with your rental car you’re off to the best spots in the Netherlands. Fancy going away for the weekend? BB&L gives you seven tips for a fun weekend car trip in the Netherlands!

Tip 1: The beautiful Dutch islands

Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying beach and nature: for those who have never been to the Dutch islands, a weekend away is an experience of its own! Put on your boots and walk on the tidal flats, spot the seals on a boat trip, or rent a bike and make a tour. There’s plenty of nice B&Bs, cozy hotels and camping sites. And using the ferry, you’ll be on Texel, Ameland or Terschelling in no time.

Tip 2: Treat yourself to a wellness weekend

Your skin tingles gently after the sauna you just took. Now you’re floating on the water of a mineral rich thermal bath. Your mind wanders and you feel totally relaxed. A day in one of the many Dutch wellness resorts feels like a little vacation. There’s drinks and a bites in beautiful gardens, massages and beauty treatments. There’s always a hotel around the corner, or a short drive to a B&B.

Tip 3: City tripping the Netherlands

For history and culture enthusiasts there’s plenty to go and see in the Netherlands. And there’s more than just the main cities. Visit Dordrecht for example: the oldest city in the Netherlands with the longest shopping street. Or drive to Maastricht in the South, or Groningen in the North. Both are beautiful and you’ll have plenty to see along the way. You could also book a nice hotel room in Leeuwarden and see Friesland, or go to Middelburg in Zeeland.

Tip 4: Sun, sand and sea

The Dutch coastline is vast and offers many possibilities for a lovely weekend of beaches, dunes and salty air. Spend the night at a campsite in Zeeland, book a cottage in Zandvoort, or find a nice place to stay in Petten. The weather at the coast is almost always nice, people are friendly, and there’s nice beach clubs to relax and have a drink. Take along a book to read and sunscreen, and your weekend really can’t go wrong.

Tip 5: Visit one of many Dutch amusement parks

Whether you like roller coasters, ponies, dolphins, fairy tales or wild animals; in the field of amusement parks, there’s plenty to pick from. Buy your tickets online or at the supermarket checkout. A day trip is nice, but booking a hotel makes the experience even better. You’ll be there nice and early – skipping ahead of the queues later on in the day – and when you get out, a nice meal and bed awaits. Now that’s fun for everyone.

Tip 6: Visiting the Dutch polders

When you live in Lelystad or Almere, your house is 30 feet below sea level. Actually, the whole of Flevoland and the Noord-Oostpolder is reclaimed land, as well as other “polders” in the Netherlands. It’s one of Holland’s typical perks, along with windmills and dykes, and if you’re here for a longer period of time, you won’t be able to resist going there. To make it worth your while, visit Museum town Schokland, picturesque Giethoorn, or the Batavia Wharf in Lelystad.

Tip 7: National parks in the Netherlands

Holland isn’t all that woody. But there’s beautiful nature everywhere, if you know where to look. Some parts are protected nature parks, like De Veluwe, De Biesbosch and De Drentse Aa for example. Protecting areas in The Netherlands does not mean putting a big fence around them and making public access impossible. On the contrary, it’s policy that nature areas are open to the public wherever possible. And to make things even better: where there’s woods in the Netherlands, there’s also cute hotels, rental bikes, and pancake houses. Perfect, right?


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