Traveling during lockdown; what are the options in the Netherlands?

Corona will likely stay with us for the time being: we have sadly been living in a state of lockdown for several weeks already, and it looks like this will be extended even further.  That’s no fun news. The government urges us all to stay home as much as possible. Traveling for pleasure is clearly out of the question, but what if you are required to travel to the Netherlands? Note: Only travel if this is a strict necessity.

Is BB&L Car Rental opened during lockdown?

If you are required to fly to the Netherlands, you can count on the service of BB&L Car Rental even during lockdown. In these difficult times, we are still ready to provide you with safe transportation throughout the Netherlands. Of course, we do strictly adhere to the RIVM guidelines. Your safety and that of our employees is our key priority. That is why we have taken additional measures with regard to cleaning our rental cars:

  • Your rental car is initially immediately cleaned and ventilated in accordance with our standard procedure.
  • When cleaning your rental car, we disinfect all contact surfaces, such as the seatbelt, door handles, gearshift, hand brake, dashboard etc. with a disinfectant. Any additional items, such as child seats, trolley etc. are thoroughly cleaned using a disinfectant spray.
  • Your rental car is then parked for you and cleaned with a disinfectant. After this, we no longer touch your rental car.
  • Our employees wear disposable gloves during the cleaning process and when driving your rental car.
  • The car key is cleaned using a disinfectant and handed to you in a closed envelope, unless you are the driver of this car.

Renting a car: Rule changes during corona

Are you not traveling alone, but with other people that are not part of the same household? You can share the car with a maximum of two people from a different household. In this situation, you are required to wear a facemask when inside the car (this does not apply to children under 12 years of age). Try to avoid rush hour when possible.

Our customer service is ready to help you

Do you have any questions with regard to renting a car? Our Call Center employees are happy to help you. This department can be reached via + 31-20-6557900 from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 and on Saturday and Sunday between 08:00 and 15:00. You can also email us via


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