What should you look for when renting a car?

Renting a car is for most people not a daily action. There are many providers, many different prices and just as many different conditions. Each car rental company has its own terms, making the whole process of renting a car very tedious.

Obviously, the lowest car rental price is the most attractive one. But the hidden costs, such as the cost of liability insurance, deductibles and/or credit card charges, add up and make the total cost higher than anticipated. With BB&L Car Rental you will not have this problem. The rent prices are always 100% all-in. Are you in need of a rental car in the Netherlands? We make renting a car as simple, enjoyable and profitable as possible.

Liability Insurance in the Netherlands

It is manditory to take out liability insurance (WA-verzekering / Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering) when renting a car in the Netherlands. This insurance covers te cost of material and physical harm to others, which, can get very high when the other person is injured.

The liability and casco insurance (Casualty and Collision automobile insurance) for Western Europe are included in the total rental car prices at BB&L Car Rental. Besides that, your passengers are insured for the same low price, and, you can add an additional driver for free.

Deductible for Rental Cars

Each car rental in the Netherlands has a different deductible price and differs in loss and theft. Always check what the deductible covers. Various car rental companies make you take on an additional insurance. This additional insurance adds up to the original rent price, making it sky high!

The deductible at BB&L Car Rental costs at the utmost 125.00 euro. You don’t have to take on an additional insurance, and, there are no insurance exceptions for most common damages. BB&L Car Rental makes use of No Nonsense conditions.

Hidden costs

Do you want to rent a car in the Netherlands in just a few easy steps? Most car rentals cover that, but will make you pay additional credit card, cancellation and/or booking fees. Make sure you check al the conditions before renting the car you want.

Extras that BB&L has to offer

BB&L Car Rental offers several extras for free, such as a baby or child seat and a free GPS to use in the Netherlands and Belgium. But not just that! You will be picked up from and brought to Schiphol Airport for free, and, there are no charges for cancellation up to arrival.


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