Rent a car with winter tyres and snow chains

In some countries and areas in Western Europe it is illegal to drive without winter tyres during winter. Under some conditions you are also required to have applied snow chains on the tyres. At BB&L car rental, it is possible to rent a car with winter tyres. Additionally, snow chains can be provided if needed for a one-time fee of € 25,00. These snow chains can be easily placed when the situation requires this.

Rental car with winter tyres

If you rent a car at BB&L car rental for a trip to a snowy region, winter tyres are recommended and in some cases required. Winter tyres offer more grip, a shorter braking distance and better handling. All cars available at BB&L car rental can be provided with winter tyres. It is recommended to reserve a car with winter tyres well in time.

A rental car with winter tyres can be provided for an additional price of € 10,00 per rental day. From rental day 11 and on this price drops to only € 3,00 per day. The winter tyres provided comply to local laws in countries such as Germany and Austria.

Legislation winter tyres in Europe

In Germany and Austria, a car is required to have winter tyres during winter conditions. In some regions, mostly in the mountains, snow chains must be applied during harsh conditions. Regions where snow chains are mandatory can be recognized by blue road signs showing snow chains. Only short distances may be covered with snow chains, driving at a moderate speed. The snow chains must be applied on the driven wheels.

Not complying to local laws on winter tyres or snow chains may result in high fines. In Germany the lowest fine is € 40,00. When failure to install winter tyres results in dangerous situations, this fine may rise to € 80,00. In Switzerland, France and Italy no federal laws concerning winter tyres are present. Local laws, however, may require you to apply winter tyres and snow chains. It is recommended to not take any risks when travelling to snowy regions. This means renting a car with winter tyres at BB&L car rental when you plan on visiting these regions during winter.

Driving safely with a rental car of BB&L car rental

At BB&L car rental we value our customer’s safety. The price for a rental car includes car insurance. When travelling with a child, it is possible to also rent a child seat to ensure your child’s safety. All rental cars are also provided with GPS navigation for free, so you will always reach your destination without trouble.