Extra drivers

You will not be charged any additional costs for extra drivers. Extra drivers have to comply to the same rules as the first driver in order to be allowed to drive the rental car. Extra drivers are fully insured when driving the rental car, as is the first driver.

Condition for extra driver rental car

An extra driver has to comply to the same condition as the first driver. This means that an extra driver must be at least 24 years of age and must be in the possession of a driver's license for at least a year. There is no limit for the amount of extra drivers allowed to drive the car. This means it is no problem to drive the rental car alternately with your family or group of friends. Especially for long drives, this is convenient and safer than driving alone. Moreover, it is not needed to get any addition insurances for extra drivers. All car hire insurances are included in the mentioned rental rates on this website.

Rent a car for multiple drivers

Driving safely and relaxed with two drivers

Especially for long drives it may be sensible to have an extra driver. Long drives may lead to fatigue, possibly causing dangerous road situations. When driving a BB&L rental car, make sure you rest at least 15 minutes for every two hours you drive. By renting the car with an extra driver, it is not necessary to pause 15 minutes. Instead, the other driver can take the wheel.

While the other driver is driving, you can enjoy the view and relax. Tilt the passenger seat back in our spacious rental cars to get optimal rest, so you can take the wheel again later fully energized.