Frequently asked questions about renting a car - BB&L Car Rental


Welcome to BB&L Car Rental's Customer Service. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service. The below overview lists the most frequently asked questions received by our Customer Service.

If your question is not answered and you need more information, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us at + 31-20-6557900.

What is inclusive and exclusive when renting a car?

All insurance premiums for use of the rental car in Western Europe are included as well as VAT and free mileage. After all, we offer an all-in rate!!
Our rental cars are insured against damage (CDW), third party claims (WA), theft (TP) and personal accidents (PAI). The price of the rental car does not include fuel costs, additional insurance and extra accessories.

Can I rent a car for an indefinite period?

If you wish to rent a car it is not a problem if you cannot indicate a return date because of relocation, transportation of your own car to the Netherlands, political circumstances, visa issuance, pregnancy or other medical conditions as long as you make it known at the time of booking.

What is the maximum excess amount in the event of a claim?

Depending on the car category, the maximum excess amount per damage event is a mere €50 (category A, B) or €125 (other categories).
The renter has a maximum excess amount (deductible) in the event of financial damage which the car rental company cannot recover from a third party. Apart from damage by fault of the renter, this also refers to windscreen breakage, repairs to tyres, theft, vandalism, loss of car documents, etc. The exception is loss of the car key and refuelling with the wrong fuel in which case all costs are for the renter.

Is my rental car readily available?

All reservations via the website are on a 'on request' basis. We aim to respond to the booking request within 24 hours (48 hours over weekends).

Can I use my rental car abroad?

With a rental car from BB&L Car Rental you can drive in the countries listed below: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Spain (with the exception of Ceuta and Melilla), United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.
All necessary documents for driving within Western Europe are included. For driving in/via Spain or Italy an additional insurance premium of €50 (once-only) applies.
For driving in Austria or Switzerland you must purchase a road tax sticker at the border.

What is the quality of the BB&L Car Rental fleet?

We have a young and well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Most passenger cars are not older than 9 months. All cars have power steering, airbags, ABS, air conditioning and GPS for Western Europe. We do not supply cars with tow hitches or roof racks. All our rental cars have at least 4 doors, with the exception of Category A. We maintain a non-smoking policy for all our cars.

BB&L reserves the right to supply an equivalent car within the category.

What is the minimum age of the main driver and any additional drivers?

The renter/driver must be at least 24 years old and in possession of a valid driver's license of not less than 1 year (regardless of the country of issue). Additional drivers must meet the same conditions. There are no extra costs for an additional driver.

Do I need an international driver's license?

We will not ask you for an international driver's license, unless your driver's license is drawn up in a non-Roman script.

What extra accessories can I rent from BB&L Car Rental?

You can rent various accessories from us, such as child seats, navigation/GPS, snow tyres and snow chains.

How long before I will receive a response to the reservation request?

We always answer emails within 24 hours (48 hours over weekends). Please contact us immediately if you have not received a response within 48 hours.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

You can only change or cancel your reservation by calling the following number; + 31-20-6557900.

Are there any costs involved when changing or cancelling my reservation?

Changing or cancelling a reservation is free of charge. We will refund the difference when a previously specified rental period is reduced.

What should I do if my arriving flight is delayed?

As long as we know your arriving flight number at Schiphol Airport we will keep track of the delay and time our delivery accordingly. In case you must unexpectedly transfer to another flight we would like to be notified by phone or email.

Does your Airport Service cater for arrivals/departures in the middle of the night?

The Airport Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but by appointment only. We charge a once-only airport fee of €40 per rental period. For arrivals and/or departures between 10:30 pm and 5:00 am there is a night-time surcharge of €30.

How does the Hotel Service work?

You can have a rental car delivered and/or leave a rental car at hotels in the immediate vicinity of Schiphol at no extra cost (once-only handling charges of €40 continue to apply). Please refer to our overview at hotels . We must, however, have the opportunity to deliver the car the day before the rental period starts and/or collect the car the day after the rental period ends without (overnight) parking charges at our expense. We can only indicate an exact time of delivery 24 hours before the rental period starts.

What do I do if the car breaks down?

All our cars are covered for 24 hours a day by a Breakdown Service for the whole of Western Europe for technical assistance and replacement transport if needed.

Can I return the rental car for a short period of time?

When, within a continuous rental period, you need to leave the Netherlands for a single day via Schiphol Airport, we will collect the rental car at the airport and make it available to you again upon your return. We will not charge an extra airport fee (until 10:30 pm) as long as the continuous rental period (incl. the days of absence) is cheaper for you than two separate rental periods. In this way you will save costs and time by not having to park at Schiphol Airport.

Can I exchange a rental car for one of another class?

If, during your stay, you need a more spacious or smaller car for one or more days, you can exchange your car at Schiphol Airport or at our office in Hoofddorp. We do not charge any additional costs for this service. You pay only the difference in the daily rate (or receive a refund).

Can I drive the rental car in an Umweltzone in Germany?

Cars from BB&L Car Rental are permitted to travel in Umweltzones in Germany. This does, however, require an environment sticker. You can purchase this sticker, on which the car registration number must be displayed, from the larger petrol stations in Germany. In some countries, you are required to drive with snow tyres in winter conditions (e.g. Germany, Austria). Allow yourself sufficient time to research the local legislation in the countries you plan to visit during the car rental period.

Where can I submit a complaint?

You can submit your complaint in writing via specifying your reservation number. We will take your complaint under consideration and respond to it as promptly as possible. You can also contact us at + 31-20-6557900.

What is your policy regarding traffic fines or violations incurred during the rental period?

As car registration holder/owner we are the first to receive any traffic tickets relating to a violation during the car rental period. We will object to it and present a copy of the rental agreement stating the personal details of the renter including address. The traffic ticket will then be sent to you at your postal address. You can then register your objection against the fine if you wish. For this reason it is of great importance to make sure that your postal address on the rental agreement is correct to avoid any unpleasantries at a border control regarding any outstanding traffic fines! We will not charge any administration or handling costs.