Rent a care free mileage

Many car rental companies employ a certain number of free kilometres per day. Customers can only drive this amount of kilometres per day without having to pay an additional fee. When more kilometres are driven, customers will be charged a certain fee per kilometre additionally. At BB&L car rental, you can rent a car with unlimited mileage. With unlimited free mileage, you can go wherever you want, without increasing the costs.

Renting a car with free mileage

At BB&L car rental, we apply all inclusive rental rates. This means that the price noted on the website is also the price you actually pay. You will never be charged for additional kilometres driven. If you want to rent a car with free mileage, BB&L car rental is the place to go. From the moment you land at the airport and receive the car keys, you can drive as much as you want. Whether you keep it at just a few tens of kilometres a day, or drive more than 200 kilometres in one day, the price remains the same.

Rent a car with free mileage

Car rental without fixed mileage

Renting a car with free mileage is wise if you are uncertain how far you will travel. People regularly rent a car for a holiday without a fixed itinerary. Renting a car with free mileage is most suitable in this case, because you do not have to keep in account the additional price per kilometre when deciding where you want to go. This way it is no problem to make a little detour during your trip. At BB&L car rental you always rent cars with free mileage.