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Corporate car rentals

Corporate car rentals

BB&L Car Rental makes the rental process as easy as possible for business customers. For example, are you expecting many customers from abroad who need temporary transport? At BBL&L Car Rental we make it possible for you to make multiple reservations at once.

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The perfect car for a business trip

A perfect rental car is essential for a business trip. But how do you choose the best rental car for your business trip? There are a number of aspects that you can take into account when choosing a rental car. Choosing the perfect car category for you business trip

To determine which rental car suits you best, you could consider the following:

  • What is your purpose of renting a car?
  • What activities are you planning to undertake?
  • How many people will be driving along with you?

What is your purpose of renting a car?

The purpose of renting the car affects the number of kilometers you will be driving. With some car rental companies a limited number of kilometers are included in the rent. Often applies; the shorter the rental period, the lesser free kilometers you get. When you drive more kilometers than the offered number of free kilometers, an additional price will be charged per kilometer.

What activities are you planning to undertake?

Your business trip to the Netherlands naturally has a purpose. What activities are you planning to undertake? Is your trip is intended to meet existing customers, your trip is intended to expand your clientele, or to network and get to know the culture.

With the purpose of your trip you can, for example, calculate certain travel distances in advance, since the time of your business trip is often limited and expensive. The choice of your rental car also reflection of your company. Do you want to stand out, or on the contrary promote a more sustainable image during your visit to (potential) customers? The perfect car for your business trip is a car that fits the company.

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How many people will be driving along with you?

In general in the Netherlands, you rent a car category instead of a specific brand or model. The number of people traveling with you or the number of suitcases that you take with you may help you in which category size you should look.

Another consideration you should have in mind is which transmission you would like to drive. The transmission choice does affect the rental price. Vehicles with an automatic gear are more expensive than cars with a manual one.

Car categories at BB&L Car rental

At BB&L Carrental you can choose from a wide fleet of vehicles. From small to large cars, from manual to automatic transmission, we have it all. And at BB&L you always get unlimited kilometers!