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Free navigation for Western Europe with our rental cars

All rental cars provided by BB&L car rental have GPS navigation for Western Europe included, completely free of charge. No further steps are required to start using the GPS navigation to reach any destination within the Netherlands or anywhere else in Western Europe. The system is available in the English language, but other languages are also available if necessary.


Traveling with the help of a reliable navigation system

After landing at Schiphol Airport or Eindhoven Airport and renting a car at BB&L car rental, the GPS navigation can be used immediately. Roadmaps of Western Europe are up-to-date and take into account any changes in traffic situations on the European roads. If necessary, the system will automatically calculate a new route to take, so you will always reach your destination without any trouble. The GPS navigation is easy to use and can be set for any destination within the region. After use, the system can be set back ‘Home’ in just a few steps.

BB&L car rental cannot be held liable for any damage and/or time loss caused by the use of the GPS navigation provided.