Privacy and Cookie Statement

Who are we?

We are BB&L Autoverhuur a car rental company that delivers rental cars to airports such as Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport.

We are located at Aankomstpassage 1 nr:5 in AMSTERDAM, we are part of the Spuigroep Holding (Binckhorstlaan 297, 2516 BC, The Hague).

We can be reached by phone or email (020-6557900 or info@bblcarrental.nl).

This Privacy Statement was prepared by us on May 17, 2018 and will be reviewed periodically. Changes to our privacy policy, we will communicate below.


We consider it important to comply with all the laws and regulations as we want to treat your privacy with respect and that is why we will do all we can to protect your data.

The GDPR describes how we are expected to handle your data. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is the general European ordinance concerning data protection. This legislation must ensure that companies (that collect, process and use information from persons) respect the rights of these persons in the area of privacy.

We, as BB&L Car Rental, are not Data Processors but Data Controllers. There are responsibilities associated with this, and we are expected to take at least the following measures:

Obligation to register

Every company must keep track of which data they receive, for what purpose it is processed and for how long this data must be retained. We have created a Processing Activities Register for this which will periodically be adapted and assessed by us.

Privacy Desk

Within our organisation we have a Privacy Desk which monitors compliance with the GDPR and the internal Privacy Policy and that they are current. Our Privacy Desk can be reached by email: privacy@bblcarrental.nl. We will periodically audit our policy in order to ensure that we meet all the requirements.

Measures to ensure the protection of Privacy We have taken appropriate security measures for the protection of privacy.

Data breaches

When a data breach occurs with possible risks for the person concerned, it should be reported within 72 hours after discovery to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the person concerned. We have described how our employees should handle a data breach in our internal policy which corresponds with the legislation of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Consult in advance and arrangement of processing

Under certain conditions, we will consult the Dutch Data Protection Authority in advance when we are about to perform new, high risk processing activities. In addition, we always keep your privacy in mind when we develop new products and services. Our existing products and services are also routinely reviewed with the aim of only retaining data that we actually need. The retention period is critically considered in this regard.

By using our services (including our website, app, customer programme, etc.) you are in agreement with our Privacy Policy and the use of your data as described in this policy.

What does this mean for you?

As a customer, you have certain rights when it comes to the information you provided us with and/or the data that we have collected over time.

Your rights, and how we honour these, can be found in our Privacy Policy.

We would like to remind you that if you have any complaints, you can contact us via info@bblcarrental.nl.

We strive to handle all complaints quickly and effectively. If your complaint (concerning your privacy) was not handled to your satisfaction, you can always lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl).

Which data do we process and for what purpose?


In order to make a reservation or a quotation, we require at least the following information:


  • Initials and last name
  • Date of birth

We need to have your date of birth in order to verify whether you are old enough to drive one of our rental cars or the requested class of car.

  • Telephone number

We ask for your telephone number so that we can call you if we have any questions or if there are other items we need to discuss with you concerning your reservation.

  • Email address In order to be able to confirm your confirmation or provide a quotation, we need your email address.
  • Rental agreement

We need the following information if you wish to rent a car from us:

  • Gender
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone number

Your telephone number is only registered so that our employees can contact you about your reservation or rental.

  • Email address

In order to send you an invoice during or after the rental, or to contact you about matters concerning your rental, we register your email address.

  • Driver’s licence information

We need your driver’s licence to be able to identify you, but will also use it to verify that you are in possession of a valid driver’s licence. Also, based on your driver’s licence, we will be able to determine how long you have had your driver’s licence. This is because we only rent to persons who have had possession of their driver’s licence for at least one year.

  • Passport and ID information
  • Local stay information
  • International driver’s licence (if your driver’s licence is not written in a Western language).
  • Payment information

What data do we receive from third parties?

Most of the data we receive is supplied by you, but in some cases, we also receive data from third parties.

Elena, the Car Rental Warning System (BOVAG)

Based on your information, we may receive a notification from the BOVAG Car Rental Warning System. In this case we will not be able to accept a reservation and/or rent a car to you.

Our employees at the various branches cannot provide you with any information concerning the reason for the warning.

To know more, you must contact the BOVAG directly. The Car Rental Members Association department of BOVAG, Postbus 1100, 3980 DC Bunnik, the Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of the information in the Car Rental Warning System. The personal data of the renter or the driver can, in any case, be recorded if the vehicle is not returned, when the vehicle has been involved in crimes or violations, or when the car has been repeatedly damaged by the renter or driver or due to negligence on the part of the renter or driver or when the rental price is not paid in a timely fashion. You can request which personal data is processed and the duration of retention and make your objection known to BOVAG in writing.

Which data do we send to third parties?

Processing agreement

We have concluded or are working towards the conclusion of a Processing Agreement with all our partners and suppliers. Ultimately, the aim is to have such an agreement with all our partners and suppliers who process data. This agreement will cover how your data should be handled and processed. The most important point of attention is that your data will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it.


If you receive a fine notification during your rental period, we can “indemnify” the fine. This means that we can pass on your information (name, address and rental information) to the CJIB, who will then send you the fine notification directly. With municipal fines such as parking tickets, violations on local roads, etc., this same information will be passed on to the municipality concerned.


If your rental car was damaged or you have caused damage to third parties with the rental car, your information will be passed on to our insurance company and possibly the insurance company of the other party.

If you can no longer continue to drive with your rental car, we will also pass on your information (name, location and telephone number) to the towing services so that your rental car can be secured/towed.

Payment services

All payments (both online payments and payments on location) take place via our payment partners. All payments are processed in a protected and secured environment. We have concluded a processing agreement with our payment partners.

When you pay by credit card, we pass on your information to your credit card company in order to process your payment, which also takes place in a protected and secured environment.


If you still owe us an amount, you will receive an invoice from us at the email address you provided. If we do not receive your payment within the stated payment period (5 business days), we will send you a reminder possibly via one of our payment partners. This partner will send you a reminder with a handy payment link.

Collection agency

If we still have not received payment after the reminders, we will unfortunately be required to pass on your file to a collection agency. We work with several collection agencies who will try to contact you to make arrangements for your payment before they begin a judicial process. The file that they receive from us contains your rental agreement and the invoice which includes your personal data. If necessary, the correspondence and/or telephone transcripts will also be passed on to them.

Car trouble on the road

If you happen to have a technical problem and/or accident while on the road whereby you can no longer continue driving our rental car, we will engage a road assistance service. In this regard, we collaborate with numerous road assistance service providers and will share (only when necessary) your name, telephone number, location and the licence plate of your rental vehicle with them.

If you need a replacement vehicle, this will be arranged by one of our branches or external partners. The same applies to these external partners; we only share information with them that they need to quickly get you on the road again.

Government agencies

Your data can be passed on to government agencies such as the police, emergency services, etc. In some cases, we are required by law to pass on your data and we may not be required or allowed to inform you of this. In other cases, we will only communicate your data to emergency services when this is absolutely necessary (for example, as a result of an accident with our rental car).

Elena; Car Rental Warning System (BOVAG)

You data may be recorded in the Car Rental Warning System. Please see the section on “What data we receive from third parties” for more information.


Our website is developed and maintained by a partner specialised in the building of websites and e-commerce projects. Whenever you make a reservation via our website (www.bblcarrental.com), we will receive this information digitally via this partner. Subsequently, this data will then be uploaded to our Car Rental System.


We retain the right to engage partners and suppliers for reasons that have not been stated. Your data will only be shared with them when this is strictly necessary and/or to make sure your rental period runs smoothly.

What do we do with your data?

Car Rental System

All the stated information will be registered in our Car rental System and it will be retained for a maximum of 7 years, which is the statutory fiscal retention period.


A number of documents will have your information (perhaps partially) printed on them.

  • Rental agreement
  • Invoice
  • Reservation and quotation receipt

The rental agreement and the invoice are retained for 7 years in accordance with the statutory fiscal retention obligation. After 7 years, these documents will be destroyed. We use confidential archive destruction for this, whereby the documents are removed in a sealed container and subsequently run through a shredder or burned.

All other documents are preferably not printed but rather sent via email. When we do print documents, we will retain them, at least, until your rental agreement has runs its course after which they will be destroyed using a paper shredder.

Newsletters and special offers

We will never send you unsolicited special offers or the newsletter digitally; these will only be sent to you with your (prior) consent.

If you wish to withdraw this consent, you can always contact our Marketing Department by sending an email to info@bblcarrental.nl.

Please note, when you unsubscribe to the newsletter and special offers, that it is possible that you will no longer be able to benefit from certain special deals.

Camera surveillance

Our office is equipped with security cameras both inside and outside the building. These cameras are only used for the prevention and recording of criminal activities.

Camera images are retained for a maximum of 2 weeks, after which they are deleted and if necessary, released to the authorities.

Access and Data portability

Should you rent vehicles from us on a regular basis, we will naturally collect much information about your rental behaviour over the course of time. This includes the number of kilometres driven, number of days rented, etc. When you wish to access and/or require this information for other purposes, we can share this information with you in an accessible file format.

If you want to know what information we have and/or wish to receive a data file from us, please follow these steps:

Obviously, we can only share/change information that concerns you personally and we do not provide any information about third parties. For this reason we will also ask you to identify yourself in person at our office and submit this completed form to us. You will receive our written response within 4 weeks.

If you wish to change your data, please send an email to info@bblcarrental.nl.

Information that we have received in order to process a quotation, reservation and/or rental cannot be deleted by us due to our accounting and statutory (fiscal) obligations.

Social media

BB&L Car Rental B.V. uses social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These networks offer the functionality that makes it possible to place public announcements, responses to articles, commentaries or other messages. It is important that you are aware that by placing such a response, all information, including possible personal or non-personal data concerning your response, will immediately be made public and falls under our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to remove any posted item or content at our own discretion.

Cookie policy

By using the website www.bblcarrental.com, information about your use of this website can be collected by BB&L and/or third parties by way of cookies. Our cookie policy can be found here https://www.bblcarrental.com.


Cookies are small files that remember and store your preferences on your computer while you surf. A cookie does not store your name, address, or other personal data. They only remember your preferences and your interests based on your surfing behaviour.

Cookies may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Functional purposes: these simplify navigation and logging in on the website because your settings and/or preferences are remembered. When you log in to a website, for example, the system will remember, via a cookie, that you are already logged in for a next visit to the same website. Thus, you will not have to log in again.

  2. Analytical purposes: these enable the analysis of the use of the BB&L website so that we may make improvements. These may keep track, for example, of how many visitors visited a certain web page so that Avis knows which parts of its websites are popular.

  3. Commercial purposes: these keep track of how many and which banners/pop-ups are shown to you. This helps us prevent that you are constantly shown the same banner and/or pop-up and we can examine whether and how often visitors click on a banner/pop-up. This prevents, for example, that you are constantly shown a pop-up to subscribe to our newsletter when you are already subscribed or have indicated that you do not wish to subscribe.

  4. Targeting purposes: these enable us to create a profile of you based on your surfing behaviour so that we can show you advertisements that are specifically tailored for you. The profile can also be created in part based on the information of your visits to other websites.

The collected information by BB&L stated above can be combined with your personal data that BB& has stored. The information collected by third parties, however, is never linked to BB&L processed personal data. BB&L does not use nor has access to the information collected by third parties. The use of cookies and other techniques of these third parties, as intended here, is subject to their own Privacy Policy which can usually be found on their websites.

Remove or refuse cookies

Via the browser settings on your computer you can remove recently placed cookies and refuse the placement of new cookies. These settings vary per browser; if necessary consult the help function of your browser.

If you only wish to disengage all advertising cookies, you can do so via the so-called opt-out arrangement on:


Upon removal and/or refusal of cookies you can still continue to see advertisements.

Please note: when you refuse and/or remove cookies you may not always be able to use all the functions of a website. In addition, please take into account that removing/refusing cookies only applies to the computer and browser for which you have adjusted the settings.

Our website uses Google Analytics that uses cookies and similar technologies (such as Pixel tags) to anonymously collect information about the use of the website and report trends without identifying these visitors. More information about Google Analytics and how you can opt out of it can be found on https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.


Unfortunately, there is no completely safe method to send and store data. Although the physical characteristics vary, postal, telephone transcripts, fax, text and/or WhatsApp messages and transfers that are sent via the Internet or wireless networks may be faced with loss, misrouting, interception and misuse of the data.

We take reasonable commercial measures to protect your personal data against loss, theft, misuse, change, destruction and disclosure and these include;

An internal Privacy Policy, which describes how our employees should handle personal data. This policy is regularly subject to audits and when necessary, refined/revised. Physical security measures such as Privacy Filters on our screens (where necessary) and paper shredders. Digital/electronic security measures to protect your data during transfers such as SSL encryption for the data you leave behind on our website. We try to find a balance between the security of your data and your convenience. This may mean that we sometimes use a method of communication that is less safe than a less convenient alternative.

For example, but not limited to, we may send you an email or a text message in unencrypted form (e.g. immediately legible) because many of our customers cannot access encrypted (e.g. coded) emails or messages. This means that our message, if sent wrongly or intercepted, is easier to read than an encrypted message. For these reasons, we advise you never to send confidential information such as your credit card information and passwords in an email or text message to us. Also not via a message posted on a public space of a third party social network page, especially because such a posting is immediately made public.

Disclaimer and use of the website

The content of the site is intended for informational use. Copyrights apply to the texts and these may not be copied without consent.

We strive to make correct and the most up-to-date information available for as far as possible on this site but we cannot guarantee its accuracy and completeness. Although we took great care in preparing this WWW site, the possibility always exists that certain information has become dated or no longer accurate. No rights can be derived from the stated information.

We accept no liability for the hyperlinks (connections outside the domain that take you to third party sites) and the information offered there, or any (alleged) damage that may arise from your visit (or the failure to gain access), or from information provided on the website.

Any suggestions, ideas and materials that you send to us (via email or otherwise) are in principle not confidential and can be used or reproduced without further consent. An exception to this is data of a personal nature, to which guidelines apply laid down in, among others, the Act on the Registration of Personal Data.

All of the information you send us must be correct and lawful, and may not violate any rights of third parties. We reserve the right to alter the content of the site and the text of this legal statement at any moment and at our own discretion. For more information, please contact us via email: info@bb&Lcarrental.nl.

This site is published by BB&L Car Rental The address is Aankomstpassage 1 nr:5, 1118 AX, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce registration no. 27161331. We request that you read these conditions carefully before you use the website. Your use of the website automatically means that you are in accordance with these conditions.

Proprietary rights

All brands, copy rights, data base rights and other rights of intellectual property concerning the material on this website (and the organisation and layout of the website) are, together with the underlying software codes, our and our licence holders’ immediate property. Without our prior written consent, it is not permitted for you to copy, change, alter, disclose, transmit, distribute, sell or transfer material on this site or the underlying software code as a whole or partially. The content of this website may, however, be downloaded, printed or copied for your own, personal, non-commercial use.

Acceptable use

You may only use this website in accordance with these conditions and in any case, only for lawful and appropriate purposes, which means adherence to all applicable laws, legislation and practices in the Netherlands or any other judicial area where you access this website.

You particularly agree that you:

  • Will not post, send, distribute information via this website that may be damaging, obscene, offensive or can be otherwise unlawful
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  • Will not remove, change or interfere with the look and feel of the website or the underlying software code
  • Will not undertake any action that will unreasonably or excessively tax this website or the related infrastructure
  • Will not gain unlawful access or attempt to gain unlawful access to (any part of) our networks by any means whatsoever
  • Without prejudice to all our other rights (on lawful grounds or otherwise), we retain the right to: Annul your reservation without having to inform you; and/or refuse you access to this site.

Changes to this website

We may improve or change at any time and without further notice, the information, services, products and other material on this website. We may also change these conditions at any time, and any such change will immediately be in effect when we place the changed conditions on this website.

Your further access to or use of this website is then considered as your acceptance of the changed conditions.

Links to other websites

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Limitation of liability

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Nothing in these conditions shall exclude nor limit our liability for damage resulting in death or any other personal damage caused by irresponsible behaviour or fraudulent misrepresentation.

You agree to indemnify us against and not hold us accountable for all liability, losses, claims and charges (including reasonable legal charges) in connection to your violation of our conditions.