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Taking children in your hired car? Here are the rules.

According to EU-regulations, there are certain rules that apply when you have children with you in the car. Read here which ones they are and don't encounter any surprises.

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Fillling up smart in the Netherlands

You may hear it around you, fuel prices that keep rising. Especially for people who travel a lot of kilometers with their (rental) car, this can be a significant drain on the budget. In this blog we give you 5 tips to fuel smart in the Netherlands.

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5 tips to avoid the Dutch traffic jams

If you rent a car from BB&L, fortunately you're never on hold. After arriving at the airport, you can get straight into your rental car. Don't want to have to get stuck in traffic afterwards? Then consider these five tips!

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The 9 best stops along Dutch highways

A highway was made to quickly get from A to B. But breaks should be part of long trips. Of course there’s the parking lot at the gas station, but in case you’d like to hit pause at a more scenic spot in the Netherlands: check whether one of these stops is on your route!

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Dont forget the emissions sticker

Going abroad with a BB&L rental car? Don’t forget the emissions sticker! Read all the ins and outs about the different emissions stickers.

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The most important traffic regulations in the Netherlands

The road network is good, distances are clear and clear traffic rules apply. However, Dutch rules may differ from other countries. We have listed a number of practical matters for you so that you are well prepared for the road.

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Airport man

Rent a car in the Netherlands? Avoid heavy fines!

Many EU countries operate largely the same traffic regulations as the Netherlands, but there are always exceptions. Are you planning to hire a car in the Netherlands? Check up on the most important traffic regulations before you go.

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Man op vliegveld kijkend naar vliegtuigen

Rent a car for family visits

When you work abroad and regularly fly to the Netherlands for a friends- or family visit, A rental car at BB&L is ideal for you.

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Familie op het strand

Holiday car rental in the Netherlands

Lots of Dutch expats return to the Netherlands for a holiday. Not only for visiting family and friends but the Netherlands is also a place where you’ll find peace and joy. Think of “wadden” islands, sun, sea, beaches, amusement parks and nature. Plenty of ingredients for a great holiday.

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