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Car rental with winter tires

In most European countries, seasonal tires are mandatory in winter conditions. In Europe, tires with the 3PMSF symbol are approved as winter tires. It is possible at BB&L to rent a rental car with All Season tires. You can specify this in the reservation process.

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Rental car with All season tires

When you rent a car from BB&L car rental for a trip to snow regions, All season tires are recommended and sometimes even mandatory. All season tires offer the rental car more grip, shorter braking distance and better handling. It is advisable to book a rental car with All season tires in advance. A rental car with All season tires can be delivered at an additional cost of € 10.00 per day. From rental day 11 this price drops to only € 3.00 per day. These All season tires comply with all regulations applicable in countries such as Germany and Austria.

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All season tires legislation abroad

In Germany and Austria a car must have All season tires during winter conditions. Not complying with local legislation around All season tires can lead to high fines. In Germany, the standard fine for not wearing All season tires is €40.00. This fine increases to €80.00 when danger arises as a result of not wearing All season tires. In Switzerland, Italy and France, local rules may apply around the use of All season tires. If you are going to snow regions, do not take any risks and rent a car with All season tires at BB&L car rental.

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Winter tires with an M+S mark

When you search for winter tires online, you will quickly end up with tires with an M+S mark. But these are not necessarily winter tires, the M+S symbol can also appear on summer tires such as off-road tires. The letters stand for Mud + Snow. In many countries, however, it is mandatory to drive on at least these types of tires during the winter period. The M+S marking used to be the indicator of a good winter tire, but in most countries this no longer applies. Nowadays, the 3PMSF marking is increasingly the standard for winter tires in Europe.

What does the 3PMSF symbol mean?
3PMSF stands for "Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake. The symbol is easily recognized by the three mountain points. In winter conditions, 3PMSF tires offer the best performance in terms of safety. The 3PMSF mark is awarded by a certified laboratory. Safe on the road with a rental car from BB&L Car Rental At BB&L car rental, we value the safety of our customers. The rental price of all rental cars includes third-party insurance. Renters with a child can rent a car with a child seat. Also, every car has a modern navigation system, so you will always reach your destination.