The advantages of reserving a rental car on time

Last-minutes are popular. Not knowing what you want and deciding at the last minute what your desintation will be. Renting a car runs parallel to this, of course, because you can’t rent a car until you know where you’re going. BB&L would like to help out. Here, we offer three advantages to renting a car on time.

Advantage #1: Reserving on time means you will get a better price

The further away the rental period is, the larger the offering in available cars. This is because other vacationers or potential car renters still haven’t made up their minds as far as their dates, kind of car and/or destination is concerned. This is when the following rule applies: the larger the offering of cars, the lower the price. So, ultimately you pay less if you make up your mind sooner.

Advantage #2: A timely reservation means you will have a broader range to choose from.

The cheapest models that a car rental company has in its fleet are often the first to be rented. So, when you wait to reserve, the chance exists that only the relatively more expensive models remain. The prices for this category of cars are generally considerably higher. The car rental company usually does not have the option of adding extra cars to its fleet.

Advantage #3: A timely reservation gives you certainty

During certain periods in the year, car rental companies simply cannot add extra cars to their fleet at the last minute. Hence, a model that is not available, will remain, in most cases, not available. Do you have family coming to the Netherlands and are they driving, for example, from Schiphol Airport to your house? Then be sure to let them know that in terms of price, it is best to reserve on time.

Renting a car abroad

When you want to rent a car abroad, there are other hurdles for you to overcome. Car rental companies that are located on an island have a much more difficult time expanding their fleet. Having new cars flown in is often not an option.

The general rule with renting a car is to do it as far in advance as possible. Only then will you be sure to get a good pice, a better range to choose from and a little peace of mind!


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