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Holiday car rental in the Netherlands

Holiday car rental in the Netherlands

Have you planned your vacation to the Netherlands? Traveling from the airport to your final destination can be quite a challenge, especially when traveling with (large) suitcases. BB&L car rental is there for you at the arrival hall with our airport service. With this service you can get in your rental car right from the gate.

Best places to visit in the Netherlands

Lots of Dutch expats return to the Netherlands for a holiday. Not only for visiting family and friends but the Netherlands is also a place where you’ll find peace and joy. Think of “wadden” islands, sun, sea, beaches, amusement parks and nature. Plenty of ingredients for a great holiday.

The three best places to visit in the Netherlands:

  • Dutch Coast: Berg aan Zee
  • Amusement Park: the Efteling
  • National park: “De Biesbosch”

Sun, sea and beach

The Dutch coast has a lot to offer. Book your stay for example at a campsite in the province of Zeeland or in a bungalow in beautiful city Zandvoort, enjoy the popular beach clubs or bring along an exciting book and some sun lotion for a relaxing day at the beach. The beaches, dunes and fresh air will assure you a wonderful weekend. One of our favorite spots on the Dutch Coastline is Berg aan Zee. A broad beach with high dunes and a lovely little village with boutiques, great terraces, cafes and cosy restaurants. For more inspiration, check out our blog; The 5 most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands.

Visit one of the many amusement parks

Few people know that the Netherlands has a huge range of amusement parks. Whether you like roller coasters, animals and / or fairy tales, there are plenty of theme parks in the Netherlands. The most well-known parks are Efteling, Slagharen and Walibi, but sometimes it is also nice to be surprised. Don’t forgot to also orientate in lesser-known theme parks, you will certainly find a day filling activity that suits you.

The Netherlands and nature

As a nature lover, are you looking for vast landscapes and varied flora and fauna? No problem, the Netherlands is full of nature reserves and has 21 national parks. Take for example national park “De Biesbosch”, this nature reserve is the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe. During your holiday you can enjoy a great walk on vast heathland, stroll through dune areas or sail over winding streams along beautiful banks. Discover and see what the Netherlands has to offer!