An accident with your BB&L rental car

Of course it is always a shock when you damage a car. Hopefully you’re ok, and there is no need to worry about the car, as you’re renting it all-in. With BB&L you are well insured, because insurance premiums for use of the car in Western Europe are all included in the rent. So take a deep breath, check the damage, and call our office at + 31-20-6557900. BB&L Car Rental Hoofddorp is open Monday to Friday 6:00 to 20:00 am and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8:00 to 15:00 pm.

Safety tips

Please observe the following safety tips:

  • Are there casualties? Provide first aid or call 112.
  • Put yourself first. Help the other party to safety, if possible.
  • Always remain calm and friendly.
  • Before moving your vehicle: in certain countries you must wait until the police arrive.
  • If possible, drive to the nearest safe place. Otherwise, put your warning triangle down and turn your signal lights on. Call to have your vehicle towed.
  • Do the damage report as soon as possible but in a safe place.
  • At BB&L you are maximally insured at the lowest deductibles

Our vehicles are insured for damage to the vehicle, third party claims, theft and passenger casualties. As a renter, you also have a maximum deductible in financial damage you cannot recover from a third party. Depending on the category of the car and per incident, you pay up to a maximum deductible of € 50.00 or € 125.00. In addition to damage caused by you, the deductible also applies to vandalism, or loss of vehicle documents for example. Excluded are losing the car keys and misfuelling. In those cases, unfortunately, all costs are for you.

24/7 Free roadside assistance

With BB&L you use automatic free roadside assistance for 24/7 technical assistance throughout Western Europe. Should the need arise, you can also ask for a replacement vehicle. In case of emergency, please contact the following telephone numbers:

In case of breakdown or damage in the Netherlands: 0800 099 44 02
In case of breakdown or damage abroad: 0031 70 314 51 19

Parking tickets and speeding

Being the owner of the car we will be the first to receive a ticket for an (alleged) offence during the rental period. Upon receiving the ticket, will file a petition including a copy of the rental agreement. The issuer of the ticket will then send the ticket to your address, and you can file a petition as well. It is important that you provide us with your correct postal address, to prevent any claims at future border checks. We charge no handling or administration fees for this procedure.


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