Typically Dutch: Those short trips with the rental car

Our country is full of places of interest that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. So invite your family and friends to explore your country and enjoy these typically Dutch trips that guarantee a companiable day out. After all, you don’t have to cross the border to do something fun! If you’ve rented a car and are eager to tour, consider the below suggestions that should definitely inspire you!

Madurodam in The Hague

View the entire Netherlands during one day in Madurodam! A city filled with miniatures, attractions and activities for young and old. Real train enthusiasts can admire the beautifully built train stations, RandstadRail and the high-speed train while others will  enjoy architectonic highlights such as Gouda’s city hall, dating from the 15th century. Always wanted to visit Amsterdam but never had the time? Madurodam will show you all the crowd pullers in one go; from the Dam Palace right up to the paintings in the National Gallery.

The Alkmaar Cheese Market

It really doesn’t get any more Dutch; the Alkmaar Cheese market. Thousands of visitors a year, from all over the world, come to Alkmaar to witness this extraordinary market. Find out how cheese is made and how it’s subsequently traded. Watch the lugging cheese porters on the square, each with their own story because you don’t become a cheese porter just at the drop of a hat. In 2019, the cheese market takes place each Tuesday morning between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (from 29 March up to and including 27 September).

The Euromast in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is not only a great destination for a fun day of shopping, there is also a lot to see (and from a great height as well!). If you happen to be in Rotterdam, you can’t miss out on a visit to the Euromast. Admire a panoramic view of this world city from a height of 185 metres while enjoying a drink and a snack in the modern restaurant. On a clear day you can see up to a distance of 30 kilometres! Look out over the biggest harbour in Europe and the spectacular Rotterdam skyline. The ‘Euroscoop’, a rotating glass lift, will take you to a height of 185 metres which is a unique experience in itself!


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